A hydroseeded lawn with Mt. Monadnock in the background.

Thank you for choosing Shelley Landscaping & Masonry for your Hydroseeding.

Your new lawn has everything it needs for a great start — the highest quality grass seed, fertilizer, and wood fiber mulch. We use a seed blend specially formulated for New Hampshire lawns and a high-quality, balanced fertilizer. The mulch is 100% wood fiber with a non-toxic green dye (the dye will not stain). The mulch helps retain moisture and protect the seeds, and then decomposes into a natural fertilizer. By following the maintenance instructions below, your lawn will provide you with the desired beauty, value, and results.

Maintenance of Your Hydroseeded Lawn

Proper watering is essential for germination and establishing the lawn correctly. Germination can take 5-21 days. It is critical to follow these watering instructions. 

Water frequently enough to keep moisture in the soil. Depending on weather, temperature, and soil type, your lawn may need to be watered several times a day at first. In general, new hydroseed will need to be watered 2-4 times daily for 10-15 minutes per area using a sprinkler, not hand-watering with a hose.

Dried-out seedlings will die, but too much water can cause puddling, washouts, and poor root establishment. Over-watered seeds do not get enough oxygen to the roots, resulting in sparse growth.

After the first mow, decrease watering to once daily.

After the first month of mowing, reduce watering to every other day. Watering less frequently but for longer periods during this stage helps establish deeper roots.

Avoid watering in the evening as it may cause fungus.

Your new lawn should be mowed when the grass blades reach 4”-5” high. Mow with the deck set at a height of 3-¾” without a bagger. Clear large clumps of grass but leave clippings.

A good rule of thumb is to never mow off more than 1/3 of the grass height in one pass. If the grass gets too tall before it is mowed, raise the mower height and work back down to the proper height over the next couple mowings.

Mow frequently. Mowing encouraged the formation of tillers, branching out of the blades at the base of the plant. Increased tillering means the lawn fills in more quickly.

Be careful when mowing an establishing lawn. Keep the mower blades sharp for a clean cut. If possible, set the mower at a slower speed to avoid “sucking up” seedlings.

Your new lawn has been hydroseeded with a starter fertilizer.

After 6-8 weeks, apply a balanced starter fertilizer (such as 19-19-19) to a dry lawn and then water to reduce burning. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for reapplication frequency.

Once your lawn is established continue a fertilizer maintenance program. This generally involves fertilizing 4 times per year.

Minimize foot and paw traffic for the first 2-3 months.

Weed Control
We have hydroseeded your lawn with a grass seed mixture that is free of weeds. Weed seeds already present in your soil can grow into the lawn area, however.

Do not use herbicides/weed killers for at least 3 months. Although such products are meant to kill broad-leafed weeds and not grass, they can harm the tender new grass seedlings.

If you need weed control after three months, we recommend an herbicide spray rather than a dry granular product. Spray formulations allow you to target areas instead of applying to the whole lawn while providing better coverage.

Our Commitment
Our promise to you is to be your complete source of information. We will use our full resources to aid you in site planning, preparation, growth, and maintenance of your new lawn to achieve the desired results. We promise to use only the best seed and materials suited to match your site, intended use, and desired results. We will hydroseed your lawn in a neat, professional, and timely manner.

If you have questions, concerns, or require further information to help you with your maintenance program please call us at (603) 562-8822 or e-mail us at ShelleyLandscape@live.com.